Harney County Veterinary Clinic
Phone: (541) 573-6450
1050 Crane Blvd
Burns, OR 97720
Fax: (541) 573-1218


About Us

We are a full service, mixed animal veterinary practice.
Harney County Veterinary Clinic is happy to provide in-house and farm/house calls. This means if you cannot come to us, we can come to you! We treat dogs, cats, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, birds, small mammals, reptiles, and everything in between with few exceptions.

Our facilitity offers an open, spacious design which allows you and your animal to wait in a quiet, clean, and comfortable environment prior to appointments or while waiting for your prescriptions to be filled. Our reception and retail space includes a pet and livestock store for your shopping pleasure. Our facility accommodates small and large animals.

Our small animal section includes examination rooms, treatment area, a surgery and radiology suite, and intensive care kennels. Our boarding and patient kennel areas are separate for your animal's safety and comfort. We provide an open layout cat condo with panoramic windows for your feline's comfort and safety away from barking dogs and other stressors.

SMALL ANIMAL SERVICES: Medicine, surgery (orthopedic and soft tissue), dental cleaning, vaccinations, obstetrics, laboratory testing, microchip placement, hospitalization, boarding, medical grooming, wellness plans, health maintenance and management, and specialist referral/consultation. We have experience with dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles, and wildlife.

Our large animal section includes our hydraulic chute, obstetric chute, and full working pens for cattle. We have indoor horse stocks for dental and injury treatment as well as a fully padded, indoor equine surgery room for cleanliness and comfort while your horse recovers from surgery. Our facility also allows for handling non-halter broke, wild horses. We also have indoor and outdoor boarding and treatment pens for large animals.

LARGE ANIMAL SERVICES: Medicine, surgery (orthopedic and soft tissue), horse dental care, vaccinations, obstetrics, reproduction care (pregnancy checking, semen and trich testing, breeding herd health plans) laboratory testing, microchip placement in non-food animals, hospitalization, boarding, herd and individual health maintenance and management, and specialist referral/consultation. We have experience with cattle, bison, sheep, goats, wild and domestic horses, and wildlife.

We offer an in-house laboratory which enables us to perform blood analysis on most species. We are able to fill most prescriptions through our in-house pet and livestock pharmacy.
We offer digital radiography and ultrasonography for large and small animals.

For those difficult times of loss or crisis - we strive to respect your privacy and emotions by providing alternate exits from our facility as well as quiet areas for grieving. It is our pleasure to serve our animal clients and their owners with a smile and a relaxed atmosphere for your pet.

Dr. Masie Custis will do her best to help any animal that comes thru the door. With an extensive group of Veterinary Specialist Colleagues throughout the United States who are available for consultation, Dr. Masie can and will use her resources to provide your pet with the highest quality veterinary care possible.